Update 2022: 

Due to life changes (including a global pandemic), we have decided to officially close Lumos House. 

We are referring folks seeking support to Empty Arms Vermont – a wonderful Vermont resource for loss families. Please visit them at https://www.emptyarmsvermont.org/

Thank you for your support and kindness – and always remember you are not alone.

Emily & Rachel

Hi there.

Welcome to Lumos House.

If you’re visiting us, chances are you – or someone you love or provide care for – have lost a baby or child.

Friend, that really, really sucks. If you were here with us in person, we’d wrap you up in a giant hug, get you a hot beverage, and sit with you – to cry, to learn about your precious child, to listen to all your fears and lost hopes and unbearable pain. (And we do hope you’ll stop by to see us in person so we can do just that.)

Because, like you, we’ve experienced this unthinkable loss and we have no fear of your pain or the heaviness of your grief. We are intimately familiar with that particular dark abyss and we’re here to hold the light for you to help you navigate your way through this life after loss.

Find out more about us and the services we offer.

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