About the Founders

Lumos House was created and founded by Emily Long and Rachel Whalen, both bereaved mothers of beautiful daughters, Grace & Lily (Emily) and Dorothy (Rachel).

In early October 2018, the idea of creating a center like Lumos House came up in casual conversation between Emily and Rachel. By October 15th, the idea had taken root and they had their first meeting with local providers from the University of Vermont Medical Center about Lumos House – before Lumos House even had a name.

Less than 3 weeks after the idea was born, Emily and Rachel held their first official planning meeting on October 20, 2018. Lumos House was born! Plans started taking shape and meetings with various local providers to build relationships and spread the word were happening.

The rest, as the clique goes, is history.

Learn more about Emily and Rachel’s stories – including why Lumos House is so important to them.

Emily’s Story.

Rachel’s Story.


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