About Emily

About Emily

book possibility 2Emily Long is the mother of two daughters both gone-to-soon. While in college, Emily experienced the death of her fiancé and then several months later, their beloved daughter, Grace, was stillborn. After many years of grieving in silence, Emily finally sought support and found the online child loss community. These online connections helped her to rediscover the beauty in life again after her losses. When she experienced the miscarriage of her second daughter, Lily, providing support for other grieving parents became even more of a passion and a mission. Emily is an author, mental health therapist, and advocate for all families living the unspeakable. She is the author of several books on pregnancy and child loss including, “Invisible Mothers: When Love Doesn’t Die,” “You Are Not Alone: Love Letters from Loss Mom to Loss Mom,” “From Father to Father: Letters from Loss Dad to Loss Dad,” and more.

Emily brings a balance of personal and professional experience to her work with grieving families. In addition to providing support individually to grieving mothers and fathers, Emily strives to educate and improve care for bereaved mothers and families from medical professionals and other counseling professionals. You can find more information on Emily’s work on her website at http://emilyrlong.com.

Why Lumos House?

I have held the dream of creating an in-person support center for grieving families since my early days in graduate school. As someone who struggled in those early years of loss with little to know support or sense of community, I have always wanted to do something to ensure that other families have a different experience. Loss is hard and painful, but doing it alone adds an unnecessary and damaging level of suffering. I believe that when we support each other, life after loss is better. Coming together is what helps make the unbearable, bearable.

When Rachel casually mentioned a similar dream in conversation over Facebook messenger on a random evening in October, I was in. 100% in and committed. It finally felt like the right time and place to make this dream happen. That was that. Lumos House was born (well, after much paperwork and planning!).

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