Current Services

  • Assistance in locating individual and couples counselors with experience in grief and child/baby loss support
  • Assistance in locating available support groups
  • Assistance in locating appropriate medical providers
  • Online resources and support lists
  • Small but growing lending library of books related to grief, child/baby loss, trauma, anxiety, etc.
  • Coordinating with local medical providers to provide wrap-around services

We are currently building relationships with various providers (medical and mental health) in the area to ensure that we have the best, most up-to-date information and resources available.

Future Planned Services

  • In-house therapists who specialize in grief and child/baby loss
  • Variety of support groups facilitated by both professional counselors and/or peers
  • Increasing and comprehensive lending library
  • Drop in hours to ask questions or talk or simply be in a comfortable “home away from home” space when you just need to get out of the house but not “put on a happy face.”
  • Yoga classes for grief/trauma
  • Art classes and creative space to use
  • Meditation/Quiet room
  • Workshops and training for family/friend and/or professionals around grief and providing grief support
  • Information and education materials on a variety of related subjects (grief, trauma, anxiety, supporting family/friends, mental health, medical concerns, infertility, pregnancy/parenting after loss, postpartum concerns, body image, bereavement/FMLA legalities, funeral/memorial resources, and more)
  • Memorial Garden/Wall
  • Annual Walk to Remember or Candle lighting event

If you have suggestions or resources that you know about or would like to see available, please let us know!

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